Date Night Makeup Look

Date night makeup look can be tricky. You want to look sophisticated, a bit flirty, and kinda sexy. However you don't want to look like you've spent the whole afternoon in front of the mirror putting makeup on. Today I'm gonna share with you my favourite 'effortless' makeup look for a date night. (All product used are listed at the end of the post)

As always base makeup is my focus, there is nothing more important than a clean, flawless canvas. I used a medium coverage foundation without SPF, this is important because you don't want that white cast when you are photographed with flashes. Choose a natural blusher because the focus is on brows and lips. I left bronzer out for this look and used a matte contour powder to contour my nose and my chin, it's a matter of personal preference, if you don't feel comfortable with contouring, just skip this step. 
Next is eye makeup, I'm into that thick straight brow at the moment and I think it suits me pretty well. You can choose any brow style that suits you. However if you choose thick ones, remember to use a shade that's not too dark, I used the lighter half of Anastasia's brow powder duo in Dark Brown. Then I paired my neural eyeshadow with smudged eyeliner that this gives a soft, feminine look. 
Finally the lips. When else can be a better occasion to wear a true red lipstick than a date night? Every girl has her perfect red, mine is Mac Red by Mac. I'd suggest you to pair it with a lip liner to prevent smudging or transferring, but I don't have one on hand so I skipped it.




Hope you like this makeup look, what's your tips to a date night makeup look? Please share with me!
xo, Jessie