Gentle Cleanser Hits and Miss

I used to not care about cleansers, however I've come to realise that a good cleanser is the crucial first step in a skincare routine that provides a clean base for the follow up skincare product. If I have to choose between under cleaning and over cleaning, I'll choose the latter, however if possible I'd love to avoid both. Especially now we are at the change of seasons, my skin gets irritated more often than usual, so I have been looking for gentle cleansers for both day and night.

For morning cleanser, I'm looking for a cleanser that's as gentle as possible, at the same time doesn't leave any greasy feeling. For evening cleanser, I hope it would have enough cleansing power and also does not strip my skin. Last few months I've been testing three gentle cleansers, there are hits and miss. They are:

The lady at the Clinique counter recommended me this extra mild cleanser after I showed her the dry patch on my cheek. And unfortunately it is a miss for me. It is super gentle and extra mild indeed, my skin does not feel dry out at all. Actually, my skin doesn't feel much cleaner either.. It leaves that moisturising, slightly greasy film on the skin which I'm not looking for in a cleanser. Anyways if you have very dry skin or very irritated skin, this might work wonder for you, bur for me (dry-combination skin) it'll have to be a pass.  

While I was looking for a gentle cleanser with moderate cleansing power, I got this one from a Clarins goodie bag. My oh my. Where has it been?! It is the perfect evening cleanser that cleanses well and doesn't dry out the skin at all. This one is the only foaming cleanser of the three, usually I bond foaming cleanser with tight skin afterwards, but my skin feels perfectly soft and fresh after using this one. A wonder indeed. 

If the Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser is the perfect evening cleanser, then this Weleda Almond Soothing Cleansing Lotion would be the perfect morning cleanser. It does not foam and has lower cleansing power than the Clarins one. I once used it to take off face makeup and it couldn't take everything off. However I think it cleanses perfectly well as a morning cleanser - soothing, gentle and fresh.