Are you a #NARSissist?

Are you a #NARSissist? 

My answer is a big fat yes. Every time Nars comes up with a new collection I wish that I can have all of them. It's unrealistic and it's unnecessary however I'm sure you can relate to it. So when I came home and saw a NARS bag filled with all this goodies sitting right on my table, I was overwhelmed!


Valentine's Day Last Minute Preparation - Makeup & Gift Ideas

Today I'm sharing with you my makeup look for Valentine's day and some gift ideas for both him and her. If you're like me who tends to leave things to last minutes, I hope this post can help to some extend. Clock is ticking, I still need to go get gift for A after finishing this post XD.


Brush Cleaning Made Easy

We all know how important it is to clean makeup brushes regularly. At the same time we all know the unspoken truth - it's tedious and boring and we don't do it often enough. Thankfully things have changed for me, let me introduce Brush Cleansing Egg* - a magical tool that has changed my brush cleaning routine.