Summer essential- Clarins UV Plus Anti-Pollution Sunscreen

(Not bragging here, but) sometimes people ask me how do I take care of my skin, the simple answer is to take skin protection and cleansing seriously. If you are interested, I wrote about some of my favourite cleansing product on this post. Skin protection includes various aspects: air pollution, UV, chemical products and etc, out of these UV light is probably the priority in summer. 


Tropical Etsy Finds

The weather has been surprisingly sunny and warm recently in Sweden. Maybe that's the reason when I go to shops I can't keep my eyes off bright colours! Here are several items I have discovered on Etsy recently, hope you like them too! 


Lollipop - FOTD

This is a simple yet fun look, I chose natural eye makeup and spiced it up with my current favourite lipstick combo.