Best of Beauty 2015

Before we start, you might wanna grab a cup of tea or some snacks because this is gonna be a long one. So sorry for the delay of this post, I know it's the end of January now and everyone is already posting their January favourites. But with all the university finals and then moving back to Sweden from Spain, I couldn't find time to properly photograph and write up a massive post like this, and I don't want to just write up 'something' as a place holder.. Anyways, better late than never, let's get started!


Life Lately with Instagram Roundup #2

I have been doing pretty well at scheduling and posting weekly, however since Christmas there has been so so sooo much going on in the uni and I have been posting on Bear and Berries less frequently than I wanted to. Thank god there is Instagram which enables me to update the bits and bobs in my life XD. While Bear and Berries is ready to be on track again, let's start off by catching up with the past month. If you like what you are seeing, come say hi on Instagram :)

1. This is simply a giveaway hat's too good to be true. I know the chance is tiny teenie, but WHAT IF?!
2. A new post talking about my five go-to lip products with reviews and swatches of all of them. Can you tell that I like pink lips a lot?
3. Ripped jeans kinda day with my new candy-sweet-super-girly coat!
4. A massive haul with a good blend of high-end and drugstore products, I am really loving the formula of the Wet n Wild lipstick so I got another 7.... Oh and Black Opium,  I know it was hyped up a long time ago but hey better late than never right, plus how can a perfume be out of style anyways?
5. I missed blogging so much that I had to write up a mini review on these eye creams on Instagram. If you're interested I'll expand that into a proper blog post! :)
6. Flying back to Barcelona from the holiday break, it's the most breath taking sunset I've ever experienced..
7. That's about when the workloads start to get overwhelming, but coffee first, or should I say home-made Caramel Latte first?
8. Finally got my hands on some NYX products! I got the new matte liquid eyeliner as well as two soft matte lip cream. Have to admit the formula of those lip creams are stunning, I'm definitely after more of them!
9. New coat = selfie XD. Got this camel coat before Christmas and I can't stop wearing it!

Now you've caught up with my life lately, how's yours? btw do you like this kinda post? :)
xo, Jessie


Five Go-To Lip Products

My favourite makeup item has to be lip products, it's something that brings butterflies in my stomach. Partly because the girly part in me loves those ten thousands shades of pink, orange and coral; partly because a quick swipe of lipstick can make me look put-together instantly, lipstick is my trick of get ready in the shortest time. 
Today I am sharing with you my five go-to lip products, it's a mixture of tinted lip balm, lip gloss, lip cream and lipstick. When I don't know what to wear, they will back me up. They are suitable for all occasion and very comfortable on lips - I am speaking from a pair of super dry lips' point of view!