"9" Hours Sleep Makeup - Beauty

So you went to bed at 3am because you just have to catch up with Orange is the New Black, or any other show you're addicted to. But we all want to look fresh and awake in the morning right? Today I'm gonna share with you my secret weapon to fake a 9 hours sleep. Our goal is natural, dewy and energetic.

The most important part of this look is the base, therefore as you can see out of 7 products 3 of them are for base. 
First thing first, dark circles- our greatest enemy of all. I first blend a layer of Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser with fingers. If the dark circle is outrageous I'd apply a thin layer of MAC Pro Longwear Concealer over it. Note that LESS IS MORE, you don't want to paint under your eyes right?  
Dior's BB Creme(dupe) evens the skin tone beautifully and gives a subtle glow. If there is any imperfection, MAC's concealer has high coverage therefore is perfect for spot concealing. Next you need a natural blusher, pink and coral are my top picks, I chose Etude House Cookie Blusher (review) here because it's my favourite colour at the moment. 
For eyes and lips I decided to go minimal, the point of this look is that everyone think you had a good night sleep, not that you've put a ton of make up on ;) So a mini cat eye liner and a flush of pink lips would be perfect. Isa Dora's Fine Liner Eye Stylo is good but I'm still looking for a better one, let me know if you have any recommendation. A trick is to apply a bit of champagne eyeshadow (or eyeshadow stick in this case)
on the inner corner of your eyes, it brightens them up instantly. Here I picked 3CE Under Eye Flash.
Sensai's Deep Moist Shine Rouge is simply perfection, sadly I can't find any link to it but any pink sheer lip colour would do! 

What's your must-have for a fresh look? Please share! 
xo, Jessie