Favourite Beauty Bloggers

They are my favourite beauty bloggers at the moment. They are from all over the world but don't worry they all write in English.
Linda Hellberg and Killer Colours are both from Sweden, they are both professional make up artist and their looks are absolutely inspiring! Linda has a youtube channel too, it's astonishing to see how fast she can complete a gorgeous look! She did videos in Swedish with English subtitles but recently she has started to speak English  :) I highly recommend everyone to check it out!
HelloJaa takes the most gorgeous photo for products! Sometimes I think her photos are even better than the brand's 'official' ones. She gives great review and recommendations as well!
Last but not least, BonnieBeautyxo is a recent discovery and I love it! Bonnie has the most comprehensive swatches and reviews, she gives great tutorials as well! You can find her in action on youtube ;)

xo, Jessie