The 21st Post #1

I used to feel uncomfortable about sharing my life on the internet. I'm still bit shy about it however I feel like all my readers are so sweet that I feel closer to you each day, at the same time Bear and Berries is becoming more and more important to me. That's the reason why I put 'write more lifestyle post' as one of my 2016 Resolutions. I share my daily life more often on Instagram, if you fancy a look click here

The 21st Post is a new series that I intend to introduce to Bear and Berries, here I do not only share my thoughts of makeup and skincare and outfits, rather focus on what I have been loving and what I have been thinking. Why the 21st? well because I wish to post this series once a month and today happens to be the 21st :)

First thing first. I chopped my hair! I used to have waist length hair which was much appreciated once a while but the ends stared to split and the maintenance started to get too much of a fuzz. I've been missing short hair anyways, so puff - gone! 

Winter is almost over in Sweden - not just yet, which I actually appreciate. I love cold sunny days and my love for turtleneck sweaters is not fading away. The biggest reason is my obsession with this new lipstick - Mac Chilli. It's the most gorgeous red I've ever seen, it's red with perfect amount of orange and brown in it, very vintage and very flattering (in my opinion) on warm skin tones. There will definitely be a dedicated post on this lipstick in the near future, keep tuned :)

Another reason I wouldn't let winter go is this fragrance- Black Opium by YSL. It's mature, sexy and unlike anything else. I briefly reviewed it in my Best of Beauty 2015 post.

As you may know, I moved back from Barcelona to Sweden two month ago. I had been so happy to be home to family and friends that I didn't really have time to miss Barcelona. Until recently I find myself daydreaming about that warm, sunny city more and more often. It was so massive to me that I get lost almost every time I wander in the city by myself. This photo was taken when I was trying to find the Picasso Museum (great museum for art lovers btw), there is something about this little shop that attracted me. 

Lastly a movie I watched and loved this month, I've been looking forward to The Hateful Eight since the first trailer and Quentin Tarantino definitely didn't let me down. The picture, soundtrack, characters, needless to say the plot - everything is perfect! It's probably too early to claim so but I think it will be one of the best movie of 2016!

How do you like this kind of post? What have been your highlights recently? Please share with me :)

xo, Jessie
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The Hateful Eight poster source: http://wrongreel.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/The-Hateful-Eight-Movie-Poster.jpg