Bare It All

Wet n Wild MegaLast Lip Color in Bare It All

I am finally going to talk about this bad boy. I've been meaning to praise it on my blog since the day I got it but I thought that it might be better to cool myself down in order to give a more objective review. But guess what - time didn't change much and I'm still madly in love with it XD. 

It is a 2-dollar lipstick, to be honest I didn't have much expectation to it, however it changed my view on drugstore lipsticks, I was so surprised by its lovely formula and rushed to purchase 7 other shades but that's another story for another post. Anyways, before getting my hands on Wet n Wild's lipsticks I tended to relate drugstore lipsticks to 'drying', 'flaky', 'heavily scented' and 'short-lasting'. It was concluded from my few experiences with drugstore lipsticks but thank lord Wet n Wild changed my minds completely, it is the exact opposite. 

It has a rich, velvety formula that gives a beautiful matte finish. Some people find it to be a bit drying but I find it so creamy that it glides on without a problem, but of course some lip balm beforehand always makes application easier. Having dry and sensitive lips I honestly have nothing to complain about the formula, it doesn't feel 'cheap' and last for some good hours. 

As for the shade, it is my perfect nude - period. I have warm NC20-25 skin tone and most of the time nude lipsticks make me look unhealthy hence I usually reach for pink shades (as you can see here). This shade has just enough brown and pink in it and complements my skin tone like no others. I originally purchased this lipstick to try out the 'Kylie Kardashian's browny-nude' trend, I thought it most likely not gonna fit me so 2 dollar's waste is not that much of a catastrophe. But now I'm hooked, it is just perfect! If you have trouble with other popular nudes in the market, definitely do give this one a try :).

There is only one thing I'd complain - the packaging. I am fine that the packaging doesn't feel luxury because let's face it the price tag is more than reasonable. However the plastic lid falls off constantly! You must put it in a separate bag to isolate it from the rest of your purse, otherwise it can do some serious damage - don't ask me how I learned it... 

Have you tried any Wet n Wild product? It seems to be a brand that delivers amazing product with the lowest price tag, what's your recommendation? Please share with me!

xo, Jessie