Valentine's Day Last Minute Preparation - Makeup & Gift Ideas

Today I'm sharing with you my makeup look for Valentine's day and some gift ideas for both him and her. If you're like me who tends to leave things to last minutes, I hope this post can help to some extend. Clock is ticking, I still need to go get gift for A after finishing this post XD.

This year I decided to go natural on the makeup look, if you fancy smokey eyes + red lips you may wanna check out this look and this look. Anyhow, the focus of this makeup look is soft lips, rosy cheeks, natural eyes and most importantly - healthy and glowy skin.

For base I used a full-coverage foundation to create a flawless canvas, and then highlight and contour with Shiseido Face Color Enhansing Trio and Nars Laguna Bronzing powder. Base makeup usually is undetectable (by guys) however makes the biggest difference to your look, so take your time and blend blend blend! As for blusher I chose a natural dusty pink - Romantic Rose by Milani. On eyes I used the lilac and raspberry shades in the Zoeva Cocoa Blend palette to create a romantic shimmery look. Finally out of the hundreds of lipsticks I posses, I picked Rose Bud by Wet n Wild, what a shocker to choose a three dollar lipstick for an important day, but why does it matter anyways?

Gift for All

Photo by LilyandVal, click photo to check out this card on Etsy
  • Bouquet and Cards  - old fashion but who doesn't like that?
  • Fitness Accessories: gym clothes, chin-up bars, yoga mats... 
  • Homewear & Home decor - pajamas, slippers, personalized pillow cases, plants..

Gift for Him

 Gift for Her

How do you plan to spend your Valentine's day? What makup look will you go for? Please share!
xo, Jessie