Hi 2016, Here Is My Resolution

One of the my biggest decision of 2015, probably of ever, is to start blogging and told the world about it. Bear and Berries has brought me so much joy and fun in the past months, and I know that I'll continue this journey in 2016. There are a few things I'd love to improve and achieve in the new year. You guys- my readers are like my friends, so I think I'd share Bear and Berries' New Year resolution with you today.

Continue the adventure with a brand new design.
As you might have noticed, Bear and Berries has a new design! I have designed and implemented the old one myself, it was not a disaster but I have always wanted a more professional design for my blog. I found this really talented girl on Etsy, Mina, and chose one of her template as the base of this new design. I cannot appreciate her enough for her patience and hardworking, after 95 mails of communication and adjustment, we together present you Bear and Berries' new look.

Improve the photos.
This is probably a resolution for all bloggers. I have always been fond of high-quality photos since they are the first impression to new readers. This christmas A gave me a soft box as the christmas gift, I cannot wait to try it out! I have always struggled with lightning and this issue is worse in winter.. I can't think of a better gift! A is my boyfriend btw :)

Bring different topics to Bear and Berries.
I introduce myself as a style and beauty blogger, however due to different constraints I couldn't take as much outfit photos as I'd like to in 2015. So in 2016 I'd love to bring you more outfit posts! Also I'd like to try lifestyle and travel posts, would that be of your interests?

Be more social on social media.
I would love to connect with you guys and other bloggers! Since I cannot blog everyday, there is no better place to interact with you than social media. Four months ago I started to be more active on Instagram and I update daily(almost), it's been a lovely experience. In 2016 I would like to be more social on Twitter and Facebook as well, I'll probably start using Pinterest too since you guys seem to have fun there :).

2015 was a year full of adventures and surprises, I'm so excited about 2016, looking forward to see what it brings! What is your new year resolution? please share with me!

xo, Jessie