Kiko Haul - Hits and Misses

Kiko haul and swatches
One of the benefits (besides the beautiful weather) of moving to Spain is its large collection of beauty and fashion brands compare to Sweden. So for the first few weeks here I went a bit out of control when I saw all those brands that I've only heard about and splurged a bit...

Today I'm sharing with you what I got from my most exciting 'find' here - Kiko Cosmetics! 

I have heard of Kiko being one of the best affordable professional makeup brands but to be honest I haven't heard much of a rave about it. After I tried some of their products, I feel like this brand is somewhat under-rated. The products are of great quality, there is a huuuuge range of products and shades to choose from and the price tag is very friendly!

Kiko Infinity Eyeshadow
If you've been to a Kiko store, their eyeshadow stand must have caught your eyes- they have every single shade from the rainbow!  Something to make them even better? The whole Infinity Eyeshadow line is on sale, I paid less than 2€ for each. I have never tried their eyeshadow before and to be frankly I haven't heard much about it from the blogging and youtube beauty world. Initially I didn't plan to get any new eyeshadow either- I find myself usually too lazy to pull off a full eye look in the morning. However when I went into the store and saw these shadows, I knew I will take some of them home - and I did.

The eyeshadow doesn't come with a proper case, the case on the top-right is purchased separately. It's not expensive and the quality of it is pretty good. However I wouldn't purchase it again because it's very bulky, plus the lid that comes with the eyeshadow seems secure enough for me. If I eventually get a collection of these shadows, I might get a z-palette for them.

Kiko Infinity Eyeshadow Swatches

I got four shades: 
210 - A brick shade with satin finish. This one is my personal favourite, if you're getting one product from Kiko, get this one! The shade is so unique and autumnal, moreover it blends like heaven on the skin.
217 - A matte brown. When I saw this shade I thought "great crease shade!" and had high expectation with it. To be fair the shade is very nice but the formula is not the best among these four. It is not so chalky that it's useless, but it's not as good as the rest and I think there are other drugstore alternatives.
237 - A matte beige. This is a perfect base colour and it blends pretty well. Nothing to complain about it. 
245 - A lilac with subtle silver shimmer. I haven't worn it yet but really looking forward to! 

Here we have hits and a miss.. The two stick eyeshadow I got are 36 Golden Mauve and 07 Golden Beige. They are gor-geous!! They are so easy to apply and blend and stay on my lids all day without any primer. Golden Beige is a perfect everyday all-over-lid shade. And Golden Mauve is the most beautiful mauvy shade I've ever seen, it has not-so-subtle gold shimmer in it so I think it'll be perfect for a festival look.

Now as for the miss, it is the Dark Tide Eyeliner in 04 Magnificent Burgundy. It claims to be long lasting and intense. Well, it does look very pretty when it's just applied but it's NOT long lasting at all, after 5-6 hours it just disappears.... I really want to love it because it's a nice shade and I love twist-up packaging, but no.. :/

Last but not least I got this eyebrow pencil. It has this unique triangle edge, i use the thinner side for drawing fake hair and the thicker side to fill in the eyebrows. This product is amazing, the packaging is great and it stays put the whole day! 

Stay pretty and stay safe girls <3
xo, Jessie