My 10 Favourite Instagram Accounts

Ok it's time to confess. I've grown an addiction to Instagram recently. I know, I know, I'm really late in this but better late than never right? I've been experimenting with my new best friend- Canon 60D, where would be a better place to share photographs than Instagram? ;) I have also discovered several amazing photo editing apps, but that's for another day.

There are enormous amount of creative and talented instagramers, here are my current 10 favourite of them. 

If I have to pick favourites out of these ten, they will be Hayley Gardner and Tonkey Bear. Their photos have the power to brighten up my day! Hayley's photos are so unique and creative. Tonkey is the cutest sweetest fluffiest dog on earth! The rest eight are not in any order, I just can't rank them :p

David Frenkiel has his way to make food pictures so appetising, the best part is everything is vegetarian, that gives inspiration for those who tends to eat healthy (like myself). Well Boxed is a fairly new account, but I just have to include it here. All of her (or his maybe) photos are beautifully composed. Most of the photos feature luxury candles and flowers - the two best smelling thing!

Emily Loke is one of my favourite beauty instagrammer, she reviews both western and asian makeup brand such as Suqqu. Stephanie Liu is definitely one of my favourite style instagrammer! I love how she dress and how she pose, her landscape photos are stunning too! 

Lucy always makes simple little things look beautiful! She is one of my favourite lifestyle instagrammer. I'm usually not a big fan of heavy filters, but Sarah Mikaela's feed are simply stunning!

Mathilde has gorgeous details photos, I fell heavily when I saw that strawberry and chocolate photo XD. I discovered Daisy Chaussée's account recently and fell instantly in love with it. Her feed is so colourful and bubbly!

Last but certainly not least, here is my feed, I'm still exploring and constantly improving. If you think it looks interesting, please come and say hi! I always like to discover new accounts!

Hope you find these accounts as interesting as I do! Which instagram accounts are your favourite? Please share with me!

xo, Jessie