Summer essential- Clarins UV Plus Anti-Pollution Sunscreen

(Not bragging here, but) sometimes people ask me how do I take care of my skin, the simple answer is to take skin protection and cleansing seriously. If you are interested, I wrote about some of my favourite cleansing product on this post. Skin protection includes various aspects: air pollution, UV, chemical products and etc, out of these UV light is probably the priority in summer. 
At the beginning of this summer I discovered this sunscreen and it is hands-down the best I've ever come across. What got my attention was its high SPF value - as high as 50, as well as its oil-free formula. It has very liquidy consistency, therefore it feels weightless on the skin. I usually squeeze a generous amount on my hand palm and apply it with fingers, the amount is about a coin size for the face and another coin size for neck and chest. Remember that always be generous when you use sunscreen if you want a maximum protection! :)

Like most of other sunscreen, there is also a subtle white cast once you've applied it, but it's so minor that it's almost unnoticeable. As the matter of fact I'm actually quite fond of the effect, it's kinda like a dewy primer. 

Since I've gotten this product my daily base makeup routine has been this sunscreen -> concealer -> powder foundation on t-zone. Literally done in 2 minutes!

Have you heard of this sunscreen? What is your favourite summer essential product?
xo, Jessie